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What is Coworking and why is it for you?

While coworking isn’t necessarily a new phenomenon, many people don’t know what it is and what the benefits are of joining a coworking community. COVID didn’t help matters much, as the literal basis of coworking, getting out of the house and working with people, defied the established logic during the pandemic of staying home and keeping your distance. Now that things seem to be settling down pandemic wise, the benefits of coworking are again becoming apparent. The three main benefits are also the three basic tenets of coworking itself – flexibility, convenience, and camaraderie.

As a small business or startup, it’s important to establish a base of operations that affords you the ability to entertain clients, work without interruption, and have a place for you and your employees to congregate. Maybe you’re just starting out and your budget is too tight for a multi-year lease commitment in a conventional office building. Most coworking spaces offer flexible terms that don’t require a long commitment, with three-month, six-month and one-year leases being the norm. In addition, the lower price point of these spaces permits to you invest your money in other aspects of the business.

Most coworking spaces offer a wide array of comforts which make working at these spaces convenient. Coffee, tea, snacks, beer, and WIFI are only some of the amenities a typical coworking space offers to its members. By having all these options at the coworker’s fingertips, they don’t have to worry about incidentals getting in the way of them achieving their goals. And the amenities go hand in hand with what might be the most convenient convenience of coworking – no build out. You can sign your contract and begin working immediately.

Networking, entrepreneurial collision, and just being around other people can make you more productive. You may be a marketer and the person working down the hall is a web designer. You meet over the coffee pot, get to talking, and the next thing you know, you are working together. Maybe you’re a recruiter, and over a community lunch, you learn that your next best prospect is sitting right next to you. Perhaps you’re just tired of working at home and like to be social at work. Coworking allows for all these scenarios.

It's been a long time since people could feel comfortable coming back into the office. Many people took the time during COVID to start their own businesses and now is the time to level-up and get a physical space. Consider coworking; a great first step towards your path to success.

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